Taking care of your wooden floors is an important concern.
Wooden Floors are a life time investment and in order to keep them looking beautiful for years to come regular maintenance is necessary.
When properly cared for, they will remain looking at their best and will truly stand the test of time.

Maintenance Advice 

Routine Maintenance for all floors
Your floor should be regularly swept or vacuumed 
Cleaning should be done with a well wrung flat-mop
Avoid using excessive water when mopping,  spray cleaners are best
Always use the correct cleaning product 
Make sure your floor is periodically re-finished 
Failure to do so can lead to expensive re-sanding 

Tips for maintaining your floor
Always use an entrance mat where possible
Add felt pads to the bottom of all your furniture
Make sure no standing water is ever left on the floor
Keeps cats and dogs nails well trimmed
Try to avoid wearing outdoor shoes in the house
It's sometimes wise to put a small rug by kitchen sinks on in high traffic areas

See below for more specific maintenance and cleaning instructions

Maintenance Contracts

We offer a range of maintenance contracts depending on your type of floor, level of usage, and specific requirements.

The price is agreed dependent on your square meterage and level of service required.
We generally undertake maintenance in March and September.

A visit typically includes:
  • Thorough clean
  • Wax buffing or refresher
  • Light sand and re-oil if required (usually once every18 months)
  • Dealing with any problems that may occur such as scratches, stains, movement, gaps and squeaks       

Please contact us for information on the full range of services and prices

Listed below are maintenance instructions for the three main products we use: